Packing for a move is one of the most stressful aspects of relocation. Of course, we want to make sure we don’t forget anything and fit everything in our new home without having additional costs. Unfortunately, there are some common packing mistakes that, when made, can increase the costs of your move. Here are five common mistakes plus some packing tips:

Leaving Items In Their Original Boxes Instead Of Boxing Them Yourself

Leaving more significant items in their original boxes, especially with Styrofoam peanuts inside of them, is a bad idea. Old boxes have suffered wear and may become loose, dropping your belongings. It will be almost impossible for movers to pick up these items without damaging themselves or damaging other items in the process. It is worth spending a little extra time packaging appropriately.

Packing Heavy Or Fragile Items Without Extra Cushioning

One of the most common packing mistakes is to put a box on top of something that will break, such as glassware. Imagine having a box with your Christmas glassware tipped upside down on top of another box full of books! If it drops, you risk losing heirlooms filled with memories. Take extra care when packaging delicate objects. Packing experts will use extra cushioning to be safe.

Packing Items In Garbage Bags Instead Of Cardboard Boxes

At first glance, it might seem more straightforward to pack things into black garbage bags, but this is one of those packing mistakes that can increase costs. A strong wind can easily blow a garbage bag full of heavy items away. Garbage bags are also challenging for movers to stack because they are usually soft and rip easily.

Not Labeling Boxes Properly

One of the most common packing mistakes is that people assume movers know which room every box goes into in their new home. Movers typically don’t have time to unpack everything, so each package must have an address label telling them where the box’s contents should go. You can purchase labels at office supply stores, or you could use colorful duct tape around boxes with writing utensils instead.

Not Asking Movers About Packing In The Truck

Sometimes, when hiring just one mover, you can request that you pack in boxes in the moving van yourself with your tape and labeling system. This is another common packing mistake if you don’t ask your movers first whether they would prefer for you or them to do this critical task.

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