Moving day is so eventful that hundreds of movies have been inspired by it, and most of them end up in such a mess full of stress and fights. All because no one thought about hiring a local moving company!

Avoid your moving day from becoming a cheesy comedy and hire Fly Guy Transfer to take care of all the process. We offer residential moving services, commercial moving services, and packing and unpacking services. This means we have every service available to provide you with a stress-free and reliable moving experience without you having to lift one finger —unless it’s to point to where you want your belongings placed in your new space!


What Can Fly Guy Transfer Do For Me?

This is not our first rodeo! At Fly Guy Transfer, we’ve got years of experience working with home and business owners to move into a new space. This has provided us with the necessary tools and training to keep things running smoothly during moving day. Our services include:

Residential Moving

Whether you’re a big family, a couple, or one person, we are prepared to help you move out in the easiest way possible. We help provide you with packing and transportation and help you plan and organize all the moving processes so that nothing goes wrong but if it does, no worries because we’ll have a backup plan ready for anything that might come up.

You can focus on finding the right house while we put all our efforts into keeping your belongings safe and well packed. Our movers are licensed with the Illinois Commerce Commission, which gives the appropriate knowledge for handling, loading, and unloading your valuable items. 

Commercial Moving

We treat big, medium, and small businesses as precious cargo. There’s no need to get nervous about moving day with our services. We focus on protecting all your assets, from the starting point to the destination, as if they were our own. 

With so many things going on in the company and a huge inventory, things might get lost or damaged if not handled properly. Our movers provide extra attention to detail and extra care for your oversized and fragile items. We also manage your inventory to ensure everything you included is loaded into the trucks and arrives without any issues at your desired location.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Of course, the longest and most tiring part of moving is the packing and unpacking. Because of all the stress this causes, things might be left behind or packed inappropriately. Our packing and unpacking services help you save money and time along with guaranteeing an efficient service. 

We supply all the packing materials, from boxes to bubble wrapping, so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about. Our movers are trained to pack items such as:

  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Large items such as pianos and refrigerators
  • Fragile and small items such as tea sets, crystal ornaments, and plates
  • Bigger but fragile items like a chandelier

If you own it, we can pack it!

Moving Day Made Simple With Us

In case you’ve been wondering, “Are there any moving companies near me?” The answer is yes! Fly Guy Transfer has been helping Minooka citizens fulfill their dreams of moving to something better since our start. As a family-owned company, we know all the difficulties of moving out for commercial and residential situations because we experienced it ourselves before creating this amazing solution for everyone in Illinois.

Put your belongings in the hands of licensed professionals and give your moving day the happy ending it deserves with Fly Guy Transfer Inc. in Illinois.