Moving is a new beginning, and it often is a time we reflect on what we own. When packing, we can be bothered by those things that no longer serve something for us. Disposing of these possessions, be it by giving them away or discarding them, is a great method of easing up packing. Here, we’ll go through five things you shouldn’t keep when moving.

  • Old Clothes

We all latch onto clothes we no longer use, be it due to changes in our tastes, change in sizes, or the wear is showing. Donation of old clothes that are still in good shape is a great way of giving them a new life.

  • Old Newspapers

Newspapers are often sold for one-time use only or kept around for a moment’s reading pleasure. Old newspapers can be used to wrap objects for moving, but don’t waste space carrying old newspapers just for the sake of keeping them. 

  • Broken Appliances

We’ve all held onto an old appliance out of feelings of guilt or that time will fix our broken things. Appliances such as microwaves, lamps, and toasters are not worth keeping when moving because they’re expensive to repair, and it can be dangerous to do so yourself without proper safety equipment.

  • Extra Furniture

Extra pieces of furniture take up space and add weight on moving days. This can become an extra expense when dealing with professional movers. Be sure you can give use to any extra piece of furniture you move.

  • Old Toys

Do we hold onto toys out of guilt? Old toys, if broken and dirty, should be tossed as they can pose a health hazard to your children. If you’re not ready to part with them but don’t know if they’ll fit in the new home, donate old toys that you no longer need them.

Consider What’s Worth Taking & Professional Moving Services

When moving, it is important to take those possessions which are meaningful, but many times people carry on those which they’d be better without. Be sure to consider if you might be better sending those possessions away. If you need help with moving, be sure to contact Fly Guy Transfer Inc. We are a professional moving company in Minooka, IL, ready to help you out.