Moving is a stressful and time-consuming task, but many common moving mistakes can be avoided and improved for future moving experiences. Here we will look at the top 6 mistakes and the best moving tips to help avoid them.

1. Not Researching Enough On The Moving Company

Before hiring any service providers, verify their background and the quality of work they provide through friends, family, or internet research. Ensure they have full licensing and insurance, so you aren’t liable if anything happens while working with them.

2. Attempting DIY Solutions That Take Too Much Time Or Effort

DIY attempts such as trying to load everything into your car to save money can end up taking more time than what it would cost for a truck and moving crew. Be sure any DIY solution is worth doing.

3. Not Planning Ahead Of Time

Make sure you map out and plan your entire move far ahead of time; this would include things like packing, booking movers or renting a truck, etc.

4. Not Categorizing Items

Make sure to take an inventory of everything that will be moved and make sure you pack them all together, such as kitchen boxes found in storage rooms, for example. But most importantly, categorizing your household items will significantly help you as you will be able to find things faster when unpacking, thus, putting them away more easily.

5. Overlooking Essential Items

Moving out can cause some breakage, so it’s good practice to keep some moving blankets handy in case something needs to be wrapped up and protected from damages during transit and an emergency kit to take care of any unexpected events that could happen.

6. Not Planning A Reasonable Budget Before Moving Out

Make sure you find out which services you need and how much it would cost you well in advance, so there isn’t any compromising on quality or quantity at the last minute.

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