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Are you moving planning? Some dates aren’t ideal for getting moving services. It’s best to know which ones to avoid. This will help you find better prices and avoid problems in your moving process. Here, we’ll go through the worst times to move, so make sure to AVOID at all costs these dates when planning your moving.

1 Major Holidays

Major holidays are always a bad time to move. Everyone is trying to settle in for the holidays, and movers are usually booked solid. Prices will be higher, and you’ll have less availability of trucks and crew members. In addition, many businesses close down during major holidays, which can cause delays in your move.

2 Weekends

When planning, you might be tempted to schedule your move for the weekend, but there’s a good reason for not doing so. Weekends are always busier than weekdays for moving companies. Trucks are in high demand, and rates are usually higher. If possible, try to avoid moving on a Friday or Sunday.

3 Winter

Moving during the winter months can be difficult and expensive. Cold weather can damage belongings, and roads and sidewalks may be icy and dangerous. In addition, many people choose to move during winter, so the availability of movers and trucks is low.

4 Long Weekends

Avoid moving during long weekends, as prices will be higher and lower availability. Most people move during long weekends, so movers are usually booked solid. If you must move during a long weekend, try to do it on a Monday or Tuesday.

By avoiding these dates, you’ll be able to save money and time on your move. Make sure to start moving preparation ahead and book well in advance to ensure availability.

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