Professional Piano Movers In Minooka, IL

Moving can be an exciting time most of the time. But, if you need to move some heavy and fragile items, the process can be daunting. However, it does not have to be. You can make your move as seamless as possible by searching for reliable companies that offer specialty moving services, like Fly Guy Transfer.

We’re professional piano movers in Minooka, IL, who have been in the business for many years. We understand how to handle this delicate and intricate move. Our team of licensed and certified piano movers will work quickly and efficiently to get our piano safely to its new destination. So, you can rely on us!

We’re Professional Specialty Movers

Specialty movers are moving companies that are equipped to handle the moving of items that are not easily moved. These items can be large, heavy, or delicate. And at Fly Guy Transfer Inc, we pride ourselves in being the complete specialty movers in the Minooka, IL, area.

Our careful movers can move any piano you have, from an upright piano to a grand piano. We know how to lift and carry your piano properly, so it does not sustain any damage during the move.

Our Mindful Piano Moving Processes Are Stress-Free

We understand better than anyone that planning is key when moving a piano. A Steinway grand piano typically weighs 1,350 pounds (or 612 kilograms) and usually consists of around 12,000 parts. And that’s why we’ll schedule your move well in advance, as pianos tend to be in high demand.

Our process starts with wrapping it in blankets or moving pads to protect it from damage. The piano is then loaded onto our moving truck and secured safely. During transport, our movers will frequently check on the piano to ensure it is still in good condition.

Once you reach your destination, the piano is carefully unloaded and carried into your home. So, no matter the type of piano you have, our professionals can proceed with the utmost care and provide the best moving services.

Benefits Of Working With Us!

If you’re still unsure if working with our professional piano movers in Minooka, IL is the option, here are 5 reasons why:

  1. We have a wide range of moving services to choose from.
  2. We are experienced professionals with a proven track record.
  3. We are licensed and insured for your protection.
  4. Our rates are competitive and affordable.
  5. We offer free, no-obligation quotes so you can plan your move accordingly.

Let Our Experts Manage Your Moving Process!

At Fly Guy Transfer Inc, our main purpose is to look after every detail of your move and never cut corners. Our exceptional and careful customer service sets us apart from other moving companies. We treat your belongings like our own and handle them with extreme care.

We understand that moving is stressful for most people, so we take the burden off your shoulders by managing the entire moving process for you. This way, we avoid risks and inconveniences and provide the peace of mind you need and deserve.