Are you planning to move anytime soon? Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, you’ll likely encounter quite a few challenges along the way. Even though moving from a house isn’t the same as moving from an office or an entire building, both situations tend to be stressful and have many ups and downs. 

Before beginning either of these processes, you must understand what each takes. It’s not only about packing things in a box and putting them in a truck; it takes much more than that.

In this blog, you’ll find the main differences between commercial and residential moving, so you’re certain of what things you should look out for before looking for the best moving companies in Minooka, IL.


One of the main differences between residential moving services and commercial moving is transportation. When you move from a house, you only need to transport your belongings in a truck or van. However, when you’re moving from an entire building, more things must be considered. Usually, companies aren’t allowed to transport certain materials on the road, so they have to use other transportation methods, such as trains or planes.


Another difference between residential and commercial moving is insurance. When you move from a house, your belongings are usually insured by the company. However, when you’re moving from an office or building, you must either take your insurance or leave the company to provide it.

Handling time

The next difference between residential and commercial moving is how things are handled and packaged. Residential moving usually takes longer than commercial, especially when dealing with a small office consisting of many items but just a few people. Usually, the crew assigned to commercial moving is larger and has more experience, which results in a quicker move.


Commercial moves are also usually more expensive than residential moves. This is because of the extra transportation and handling that’s needed. The insurance cost is also generally higher for commercial moves.

Time Of Year

The time of year can also make a difference in residential and commercial moves. Commercial moves are often planned for the summer when businesses are closed for vacation and less traffic on the road. On the other hand, residential moves often take place during the school year, when children are not on break.

Relocation Made Easy With Fly Guy

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