The best time to make an office relocation is not always the most obvious. When making this decision, you have to think about many aspects, such as business hours and weather conditions. Fortunately, professionals can handle all of these concerns for you.

When To Have A Commercial Moving

Many factors go into choosing the right time to make a commercial move: seasonality and climate, business hours, and weather conditions (just to name a few). When thinking about your particular situation, consider the following:


Seasonality plays a significant role during the holiday season. This is especially true for businesses that need to use parking spaces these days. The summer season is also a busy time for commercial moving companies, typically when many businesses schedule their relocation projects. The best time to plan a move will be during the off-peak periods.


Whether it’s extreme cold or heat that you need to consider, weather conditions can affect your business hours and the potential cost of hiring commercial movers. Roads may become more challenging to navigate during the winter months after heavy snowfalls and ice accumulations. Business relocation services are a great help when handling unforeseen or extreme conditions. 

Business Hours

While it may seem like Saturdays are always busiest for moving companies, certain times lend themselves better to your needs as a company owner. A weekday move allows you to keep business hours while minimizing disruptions that may affect your daily operations.

The Best Months To Make A Commercial Move

The best times to schedule a commercial move are towards the end of summer, September through April. You can avoid inclement weather and allow your business to maintain daily operations without interruption. Looking at these factors will help you make an informed decision about when it is time to make a commercial relocation.

If your project is one of the many that needs movers, look for a reliable commercial moving company in September through April. An excellent option for Illinois residents is Fly Guy Transfer; we offer quality commercial relocation services for your businesses. Our team has the experience needed to handle everything carefully and efficiently.